Monday, January 20, 2014

Work Visa France

Different types of French working visa
Listed below are the main categories of permit for foreign nationals who want to work in France. These range from the working holiday visa for France covering seasonal workers, to permits for senior company executives. For further information about applying for French visas, take the now.

The skills and talents permit
This is a France work visa that allows visitors to carry out any professional activity related to their project. It is valid initially for a period of three years and may be renewed. Accompanying family members may also stay and work in France under a private and family life permit.

The salaried and temporary worker permit
Applicants from several different fields may be able to obtain a work visa for France under this category. To find out whether your profession qualifies you for a residence permit as a salaried or temporary worker, contact

The employee on assignment permit
Employees of companies based abroad can apply for this type of French work visa. It covers employees working on secondment at their company’s French premises, or in a company that is part of the same group. The permit is valid for three years and is renewable.

The employee on assignment card
This is for senior managers and executives employed by a French company that is part of an international group. Those whose position or salary level meets the criteria can obtain a residence permit to work in France for three years. Families can obtain a visitor residence permit.

The seasonal worker permit
This is a work permit for France that covers those engaged in seasonal activities for more than three months. Applicants can obtain a temporary residence permit valid for three years and renewable, allowing them to work for a maximum of six months during a 12-month period.

The scientific permit
This France work visa covers applicants who hold a master’s degree and want to carry out research or teaching activities. Scientists will require a valid hosting agreement and a residency permit to qualify for a scientific permit. For more information see the Student Visa France page or take our free assessment now.

Immigration France

The path to French immigration
Below is a summary of the main requirements for immigration to France, for those intending to take up long-term residence. For short-term visa options, see the France Visa Requirements page, or start the  assessment by clicking the link above.

France immigration visa requirements
To obtain a long-stay visa for France, applicants will need to pay the appropriate fees and provide:
  • A travel document such as a passport that is valid for the period of his/her stay.
  • A completed and signed long-term visa application form.
  • The appropriate number of photographs – this varies depending on the applicant’s nationality and the reasons for his/her stay
  • Proof of the reason for his/her stay in France and evidence of personal situation.
Immigration to France for marriage
An applicant’s plans for France immigration may be linked to an existing or future marriage to a French citizen. If you are already married to a French citizen and now want to immigrate to France to live with your husband/wife, you will need to provide evidence of this. Foreign nationals seeking immigration to France for the purposes of marriage to a French citizen will need to provide evidence about themselves, their partners and the marriage ceremony. This would include:
  • Applicant’s visa application form, photograph, passport and fees.
  • The original certificate of the publication of banns (from the city hall where the marriage will take place)
  • Proof of French nationality of the intended French spouse, such as a French identity card, and proof of his/her residence in France.